• 50 TL per month
    27.5 TL per month
  • Use as much as you want
      Upgrade to other packages at any time
  • 6 MONTLY
  • 40 TL per month
    22 TL per month
  • Total Fee
    240 TL
    132 TL
  • 12 MONTLY
  • 30 TL per month
    16.5 TL per month
  • Total Fee
    360 TL
    198 TL



Current Account Tracking

Inventory Tracking

Cash Tracking

Barcode Reading Feature

Convert and submit invoice to PDF

Unlimited Inventory

Unlimited Invoices

Free Update

Collection and Payment Transactions

Advanced Reporting

Additional Features

Advantageous Prices


Desktop Accounting Program Integration

Thanks to its ability to work fully integrated with Aymet Accounting Software or Aymet General Accounting Softwares, it is possible to make Offer, Contract, Order, Waybill etc. You will have many more features.

Quick Sales Program Integration

With the ability to work fully integrated with Aymet Quick Sales Integrated software, you can have access to transactions made in fast sales terminals and wide reporting options.

E-Commerce Website Integration

With Aymet E-Commerce software, you can keep your stocks up to date, and you can follow your customers in your sales site through your accounting program.