Yeah. Aymet Accounting Software is not dependent on any database, it offers flexible options in this regard. With this important feature, your business only invests as much infrastructure as needed, it doesn't need to build more hardware and software infrastructure and spend more money. You can contact our technical support team at any time to request that your database be transferred from Access to SQL Server.
Yeah. Aymet Accounting and Aymet General Accounting packages can be used online on multiple computers via network connection between computers or over the internet. Supports many databases, such as SQL Server and Access. In order to connect online, SQL Server and similar server-based databases should be used and the host computer must have a fixed IP. Other transactions are performed by Aymet Technical Support team.
To import the account statement of current customers into Excel, click on the lists in the tools menu. On the left side of the screen, we will see the reports within the program. If you select any of the current status, current statement or summary current statement from here, press the run list button on the left above and we will see the status of the current reports. When you right click on any record with the mouse, the bottom option will come to Excel. We can choose to export to Excel and give it a file name and save it to any part of our computer.
We are running the Administrator.exe program in Start> All Programs> Aymet. Username: aymet Password: aymet After typing and confirming, we press the Companies button from the above shortcut keys. A blank white screen will appear. In the top left menu, press the Add new company button. Enter the name of the company that we will create on the screen after entering the administrator.exe program is closed. Now we can run Aymet.exe program and use this company.
If we are going to convert the customer waybill or purchase slip that we entered into invoice for a single bill of parcel; Bill of Parcels We open our bill of parcel via the shortcut key. Right-click here to find the invoice we will convert into invoice and change, and then enter into our dispatch. Click on the bill of parcel transactions from the above button and select the Invoice option and press the OK button. Thus, our bill of parcel will be turned into an invoice. To convert multiple bill of parcel to invoices in bulk; Click on the bill of parcel transactions from the bill of parcel menu. We will face the bill of parcels that we have entered. From here we find the bill of parcels that we will convert into invoices and put signs on their sides. After determining the bill of parcel type and status in the query screen on the right side above, we click the save changes button and exit the bill of parcel operations.
You can get used to Aymet Accounting Program which is user friendly and you can use it easily. Aymet Accounting Programs are user-friendly and can be used by any company. We make use of the program with free trainings we provide to many customers who have never used a computer before in 1-2 hours.
No, internet is not obligatory for Aymet Accounting Programs. You only need internet if you want to make transactions with multiple branches online.
There are no user limits. You can create as many user accounts as you want from the Admin panel and use them by giving them the necessary privileges and different passwords.
The biggest difference from the others is that it has user-friendly interfaces. To use Aymet Accounting Program, you do not need to study for hours, you can use it very easily. In addition, our products ensure you get the most cost-effective quality, as well as no annual fees. Unlimited user feature in the program, unlimited registration entry and mobile reporting features such as many other features that make us different from our features. We are also very close to you with our 25 years of experience, free trainings, telephone, internet and on-site technical support.
Yes, you can use Aymet Accounting Programs wherever there is a computer. In addition, you do not need to have a computer with you to follow your daily transactions, you can follow your transactions with your mobile phone or tablet.
You can open as many Inventory and Account cards as you want. There is no data limitation in Aymet Accounting Programs.
Yes, there is a new generation invoice module in Aymet Accounting programs, you can print your invoices in any size printer. So that you can print 3 copies of a single invoice side by side on a copy paper (A4) so you don't have to use carbon paper. The choice is up to you, you can use any size and type of paper.
With Aymet Accounting and Aymet General Accounting Programs, you can monitor your stocks, concubines and cash transactions with your mobile phone or tablet from anywhere thanks to our mobile reporting support. You can also track your bank and check-note transactions.
Yes, you can receive current account reconciliations and print them if you wish.
Yes, the first time you get the product you can enjoy unlimited support and training benefits free of charge. All customers are provided with telephone, remote desktop and on-site support and training where necessary.
Aymet Software, provides unlimited support to all customers, we are there when you need support at any time. You can benefit from phone support, remote desktop support and on-site support.
Yes, you can take a account and inventory account statement at any time, print from the printer, convert to pdf format at the same time or send e-mail.
We have different products to suit every need and budget. We have products suitable for companies of all sizes, from a single company to companies with hundreds of employees. You can start using it immediately by selecting the package that suits your needs. You do not have to pay any fees except packages. There are no extra payment fees such as annual license fee and maintenance. Aymet Software technical service does not charge any fee other than reinstalling the program and special requests.
No, you can start using Aymet Accounting Programs immediately without installing any programs or entering any infrastructure costs. Because Aymet products can run very fast even on low-configuration hardware where most programs can hardly run at all, there are no costs to buy extra hardware.
Aymet Software team serves our customers during all working hours including Saturday. In special cases, we also provide services outside of working hours.
If you want, you can store your data securely on your own systems or in our cloud systems and get 24/7 uninterrupted service.
No, you do not need to make any commitment to use it. You can use the purchased package without any time limit for your company.