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Even if you have never used an accounting program before, you can easily use AYMET products within a few hours at most. All of our products are user friendly.
Compared to other products for similar purposes, you pay a much less fee, as well as buying a higher quality product and service, you also benefit from many advantages that are specific to our company.
When you purchase our products, you will learn how to use our products quickly and easily with the free trainings provided by our expert trainers. So that you can complete both installation and training within the same day.
Our expert technical support team provides instant support when you need it, if you want it at your work place, online or by telephone. All our technical personnel are trained to meet the needs of our customers in the best way and based on customer satisfaction.
With the 25 years of software and industry experience of our founders, we provide high standards of service to our customers through 16 years of work and strive to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. Our priority is always to provide quality products and services to our customers.
We have been living with our customers the happiness of providing quality service to many corporate enterprises and thousands of users for many years. Among our customers are companies that have made a name in the world in their field, as well as reputable public institutions of our country and various associations and foundations.
Food, Construction, Tourism, Textile, Health, Industry, Advertising, Cosmetics, Electronics, White Goods, Technology Stores, Publishers, Hotels, Agents, Agriculture, Livestock, Polyclinic, Metal, Machinery, Advertising, Press, Transportation, Agencies and in total More than 50 AYMET products have been used with confidence and satisfaction for many years in many sectors.
We develop many different products for you such as e-commerce program which works fully integrated with accounting program and can be managed directly through accounting program, mobile reporting software that enables you to follow accounting movements online from anywhere and mobile software that integrates with accounting program.
We always prioritize our customers according to the wishes of our customers while developing our existing products and producing new products. In this way, we keep the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level and find the opportunity to work together for many years. We want to see you in this happy family.